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Wednesday, December 2nd 2009

Fact or Fiction, You Always Tell the Truth

The ultimate battle between light and darkness

Like good little boys and girls, we tell the truth. Or do we? The world is full of suprises. But I am here to tell you that no matter what, the truth will come out. It has to, it was meant for it. It's time to learn the basics once again. You are now entering Moral Ethics 101.

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Monday, June 21st 2010

The United States: Biggest Oxymoron of All

Brother against brother, father against son

As the United States of America has grown to be of the most powerful countries on earth, certain treasures have been lost along the way. Truths that this country was built on are no longer known. In the pursuit of indivudal greatness, the whole has suffered tremendously. What was once united is slowly being divided; the USA isn't so united after all.

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Seven simple ideas to improve healthcare
Posted by Kevin on 2011-03-08 00:19:41
As a licensed Insurance agent I've seen every side to the healthcare debate. I find it laughable that anyone would feel that only rich people can afford healthcare. Many of the people that claim this are the same people that choose their beer and cigarettes and fast food over obtaining healthcare. There are numerous plans out there that are affordable and are tax deductible under the right circumstances. Perhaps next time do more research instead of throwing out cliche statements. I am fortunate to have the best healthcare plan there is due to my employment with AK Steel. Before that I had to purchase my own plan and I sacrificed certain luxuries in order to do so. Its all about choices as nothing is free.

The United States: Biggest Oxymoron of All
Posted by Beckie Seiter on 2010-06-22 06:00:08
I could not agree more with all of these issues you present! The WORLD has changed so much, just since I was a child. I have watched so many issues that divide everyone - instead of finding the "common ground" (so to speak.) The things that human beings have in common should bring others closer to understanding one another - but because of each individual wanting to be right, or first (like children), the real issues of LIFE just escapes everyone. It's the simple truth.

Take the time to do it right
Posted by scott on 2010-02-12 10:18:34
I think a lot of people have lost this attention to detail, Sam. Part of the reason we win a client or get that full time job we were after was due to our ambition and how much we cared about the success of it. Thanks for the great comment. I'm glad to have touched someone!

Take the time to do it right
Posted by Sam on 2010-02-11 22:27:54
I will never stop coming back to this site. You know with my business I get a lot of work and I try to do the very best on each and every job as my business is referral based, so it's a must anyways. With this piece you have written, it gives me the jump I need of energy to continue and devote more time/effort to those clients I might be starting to devote less attention and personal quality to.

California to allow same sex marriage
Posted by Denny on 2009-11-26 23:27:02
The Bible is a great resource and reference but does not dictate how all humans live their lives. Have you explored the history behind the bible and how the books were chosen? They were written by men and chosen by men of the church to meet their needs. Me being able to marry the man I love will not impact you or your life in any way - please stop letting your fears of something different impact my life... Thank you

Free has a price
Posted by Rebecca Seiter on 2009-09-25 14:27:58
I work every day as a caregiver for others. I do not earn one dime for doing so. Inside, I feel good just being able to help. Just simple things. Just to make sure no one hurts the people I love and care for. I do not have the money a lot of the time just to copy papers, or run the people I love to the Doctor, but somehow, I manage to continue to do so. I will help and donate my time for free as long as there is a breath in my body. The money comes from somewhere somehow! I am managing to do these things. No one understands why I even care. Well, I myself will be old someday. I just wish someone loved me enough to do the same for me...... Just wanted to let you know there are those that work many long hours, and collect no pay at all, even though they themselves do not have the money to do it!!!!!!

Free healthcare, rent and food stamps... oh my!
Posted by Rebecca Seiter on 2009-08-15 13:32:11
For what did God say to Jesus? "THE POOR WILL BE WITH YOU ALWAYS." Sometimes we forget that small saying. For the meek and mild shall inherit the earth, not the rich man!!!

California to allow same sex marriage
Posted by Rebecca Seiter on 2009-07-30 07:29:15
No. I certainly do not believe in same sex marriage! The Bible and the word of God says this ... He condems this ... Whoever is gay and receiving their pleasures now on earth, better wake up - they will never get into the kingdom of heaven. It says this plainly in the Holy Bible!

Seven simple ideas to improve healthcare
Posted by Rebecca Seiter on 2009-07-23 12:56:11
I feel that only the wealthy can afford healthcare. Just the normal person, who takes excellent care of themselves, just doesn't have the money for the basic healthcare coverage. I am tired of the poor always getting the static... There are more rich people out there that can buy whatever they wish. Look at Michael Jackson as an example. I'm also tired of all the crap the President has been taking about this. I agree. Something needs to be done about healthcare. I see an abuse of this system we now have. It has to change to get better. Why not stop the frivelous lawsuits for a Doctor to be able to actually practice medicine? That's what is is people - practice. If all the medical records are computerized, then it would stop alot of people getting illegal prescription drugs to sell on the street. As it stands now, people can go to endless Doctors and get whatever they want. I think it is time for a complete overhaul of the Healthcare system, as we now know it..... It might be the best thing this world has ever seen. At least the President has balls enough to even TRY to change this greedy and corrupt system !!!!!!

Technology vs Energy
Posted by Rebecca Seiter on 2009-07-10 10:03:05
Yes, everyone is running around finding more intelligent gadgets to communicate with. It's a sad day when anyone else knows how to socially communicate at all. I actually hate these things ... it makes people so lazy and dependent on these gadgets that they would die without them for just one day. There needs to be more social communication and less gadget communication. Can your blackberry or I Phone hug you? Does it make you look smart? No. It makes everyone look stupid that the simplest of things escapes them. One day the power grid will go off! What will happen then? Everyone better start thinking about this in the future. Learn the old ways, they will ultimately save your life at sometime in your lifetime.

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